Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Calculated Attacker

"The Devil made me do it!" "The enemy is attacking me." These and other similar statements carry several different issues with them. They call the enemy out for the evildoer that he is. But, they also give him quick attention or credit and if we are not careful, can take the responsibility off of YOU and YOUR poor choices, and sin that Jesus wants out of your life. Because, In Christ, there is power over darkness.

That said, the longer I live and the more closely I walk with Christ, the more apparent the tactics and patterns of the enemy become. Just like demons related to and recognized Jesus, Jesus recognized and spoke to them too! That is deep...let me keep to my point...

I think that Satan is a calculated attacker. He is a precision attacker. He is strategic in where and how he tempts us and attacks us. Oh, and HE IS A LOSER! Here is what I am seeing recently:
  • If someone is strong physically and emotionally, he will attack and rob them spiritually.
  • If someone is growing spiritually, he may attack them emotionally or financially.
  • If someone is experiencing blessing financially, he may attack them relationally.
  • Or, like in my story...if someone is growing increasing spiritually, the enemy will attack them physically. Recently, I feel that my physical body has been under attack. In trying to do good, I hit the wall of aches, pains, and physical discouragement.
This reality just reinforces and drives home for me how badly I need to put on the WHOLE armor of God. The battles we fight are NOT against flesh and blood, people or backs, but they are against the forces of darkness that JESUS OVERCOMES!!!! Ephesians 6:10-20

There is victory in Jesus! Take that to the bank!

Looking for Jesus in all things,


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