Friday, October 2, 2009

What If? (Jesus's Church, Not Mine)

What if we ACTUALLY started believing that the church was Jesus's, and not ours?

After all, I think that it all comes down to this. You go to your church on Sunday. I preach at my church. I like _____ at my church. I would not want _______ at my church. You should come see my church! Have you heard about Joel Osteen's church? Man, I wanna visit TD Jakes church.
  • My
  • Mine
  • Theirs
  • Yours
These are the common adjectives for referring to church. When is the last time that you heard someone invite you to Jesus's church...the one that they happen to attend?

What if? What if we made his decisions for his church based on his heart and his word, instead of our decisions for our church based on our desires and our opinions?

Would this not impact some of the other questions that I asked this week? Is this not a crucible issue for the church?

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Pastor TC said...

But I like my church! :)