Saturday, September 26, 2009

What If?

What if we got what if type of people together and asked what if questions about how to be a church radically impacting the world? And then what if we actually believed for the possibility and probability of the what ifs?

Today was a special day. 4 hour drive to Williamsport, PA for a conference gathering, and then 4 hours home. My time with Pastor Nelson and Harry Pereira in the car would have been worth it alone. These dudes...

Well, at the meeting today, we grappled with some deeply provoking questions that just catapulted me into even deeper thinking. As my mind wandered, I began a list of crazy, out there, what if questions about rethinking church as we know it.

This coming week, I will be posting about some of those what ifs. Some will be wacky! But, this should be fun. Now, only IF, you will come back to read them....


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