Thursday, September 24, 2009

Empty Aisles and Straight Rows

More and more, I am hungry for the move of the Holy Spirit in my life and church!! This weekend, as we begin this series called “Pursuit”, I am praying that the Lord will substantially increase our hunger for him! I read this again today. It’s an excerpt from a book I read this past summer.

“The Almighty one is out to restore the sense of his awesome manifest presence in our lives and places of worship. Over and over again we talk about the glory of God covering the earth, but how is it going to flow through the streets of our cities if it can’t even flow through the aisles of our churches? ...Since we don’t want to be too radical we line all our chairs up in nice rows and expect our services to conform to equally straight and regimented lines as well.” –Tommy Tenney, “God Chasers”

I have no desire to force something made of man, but an intense and growing desire to prepare and welcome something made of God!

Frankly, I am growing weary of empty aisles and straight rows!


Generous Apologist said...

Tommy Tenney doesn't have the best track record. Maybe you aught to read this review before using him as a model.

Noah said...

I wouldn't classify quoting one paragraph of his as using him as a "model". Some of what he says is whack. Some of his doctrine is NOT mine. But, I am from the school of "just because some of your thoughts are inaccurate, does not mean everything you say useless.". I eat meat, not bones. Additionally, you can find anything you want about anyone on the www. ;-)

Generous Apologist said...

Very true. Some names cause a reaction in me. His is one. Glad your gonna sift the fact from the whack. bo)