Monday, August 24, 2009

The Bible is not (just) a Book!

Yesterday I preached ONE IDEA:

Get in that Word!! (Read the Bible!! Everyday!!)

Here is just one of the thoughts that the Lord gave me as I prepared for that message.

How we view the Bible will impact the relationship that we have with it.

If we see it as a BOOK, we will treat it as something to be read...if it is interesting enough to us. Or something to be finished. Read that! Been there. Done that. Heard that. I am afraid that too many people actually DO see the Bible like this. It is pages contained between two leather covers.

I would suggest that perhaps our approach to scripture would change if we viewed the Bible differently.

It is not a book! It is:
  • A voice!
  • The voice of God.
  • Life!
  • Breath!
  • Food!
  • Answers to your questions.
  • Healing to your brokenness.
  • Light to your path.
  • Revelation to who you really are and correction to purify you.
  • Clarity to your confusion.
  • Accountability for your choices.
  • Road map to the Will of God in your life!
Not just a book!

Read the Bible! Everyday!

Read the leather kind.

Any Version!

Listen to it on tape!

Listen to it on CD!

Listen to it on MP3!

Read it online! (

Read it on your phone! (

Call and have someone read it to you! (727-342-5672)

Read it on the train. Read it on the bus. Read it on your lunch break. Read it on the potty. Read it in the morning. Read it in the night.

Whatever you do, GET IN THAT WORD! It will impact your days more than any one decision that you could make. Trust me. Try it!

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