Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Devil is a Liar!

How many of you know that when the Lord is at work in the lives of his people, the enemy hates it. All too often I see the enemy attempt to "strategically" attack right after blessing to offset spiritual progress. He is a liar! That's what he is!

The experience that our family had with each other and the Lord this summer cannot be described. Precious moments. About 3 days before we made it home, we started getting bad news and hearing downers. Financial stuff. Relational stuff. Stress-producing news. Tension-creating realizations. Over the last few days we have been going through with some stuff. On top of that, the wifey is freaked out about me flying to China tomorrow.

However, right now I am declaring that the Devil is a flippin' liar!!! He just wants to try to rob us, stop progress or dig seeds that are taking root. So, I am proclaiming that...

No weapon formed against us will prosper.

He that began a good work in us is going to complete it.

The seeds that were planted by the water (and in the mountains) are going to thrive and burst forth with fruit.

All things work together for the good of those who love him and are called.

I am marching through and taking hold!!!

I needed to declare this today. Maybe you need to join me on behalf or your own story today, in saying that...



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Anonymous said...

oops...that was from Tracy Wenzel

Marilyn Vega said...

Amen! I have seen the Devil's handiwork in my own life. I've learned to fight back and keep my faith. Go on and enjoy your trip. See you when you get back.

Marilyn Vega

Noah said...

Tracy and Marilyn, thanks for joining me in this proclamation!

Creshia83 said...

Revelation prevails!!! I love this post and believe that the devil is a liar and I'am saying it loud and proud!!! Thank you Pastor Noah for this post. I just can't explain how thankful for his love. Jesus is just too good for us to fail!

Miss ya... May Peace and blessings be with you on your travel!

Anonymous said...

I agree, and sometimes God is letting us know "back to reality, back to responsibility"

Trials can also be a good learning experience.