Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Divine Appoinment

I think that what happened over the last three days was a divine appointment, not a coincidence, and I want to tell you about it. Probably best for me to put the story into chronological order:
  • We arrived in Colorado Springs on Friday.
  • We started researching churches on Saturday. We even drove to a few of them so we knew where they were. I forget how, but we decided to go to New Life Church first. (Now I know it was the Lord.)
  • We worshiped there on Sunday and LOVED it! While we were there, one of the Children's Pastors was incredibly kind to us. She asked us if we were here for the conference? Of course, we said "what conference"? (Mind you, we know no one and nothing here in this area. We just randomly selected it because of its beauty!)
  • So, Christine (the Children's Pastor) takes our cell number and says that she will call us in the morning.
  • She calls with excitement on Monday morning and tells us to come to the church to pick up our free passes to this conference (that people paid big money for).
  • So, Monday, Tuesday and Today, I attended (Tricia and Davis came to some of it as well) the Ascent Conference at New Life Church.
  • This week was a divine appointment of worship and hearing from the Lord!!
  • This morning I heard Bill Hybels speak a powerful word on the whispers of God.
  • Tonight we attended a Chris Tomlin concert at New Life. Outstanding night of worship!
After feeling thoroughly welcomed by this massive church of 10,000+ people....who treated us like we were royalty...and the sense of authenticity and revival in this church was stunning....we found out 2 things that shocked us:
  • This is the church that Ted Haggard started many years ago before being exposed for being in a homosexual relationship about 2 years ago. Haggard was also the President of the National Evangelical Association.
  • This is also the church that had a gunman walk in and open fire killing 2 and wounding many just 13 months after their Pastor (Haggard) had a moral failure.
  • (You can google either one of these topics and find more than you will ever want to read.)
After these 2 massive blows to this church, New Life has experienced healing, restoration and now revival! It is obvious that God is at work in this church! It has been our honor to be here this week and I was also blessed to meet their new Lead Pastor, Brady Boyd. Great guy!

So, here is my shout out to New Life Church, the Ascent Conference and the Lord Jesus for orchestrating this divine appointment for us this week! What a warm welcome to Colorado Springs. In 4 days we have favor and relationships! PTL!

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