Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Will we see you Saturday?

PLEASE leave a comment if you are planning to come!


Anonymous said...

See ya there. So excited.

Tricia Kaye said...

I am so there and I will be next to an amazing person. xoxox

Noah said...

We have like 7 couples represented on the team running it and 7 that indicated on their connection card and probably 7 more that I have heard are coming. We may have as many as 50-75 people. We shall see. Whoever is there is about to be blessed!

Tonya said...

Looking forward to it.

Anonymous said...

Ted and I plan to come.

We are in a transition period in our lives since the office where Ted worked for 28 years and volunteered for the past 5 years closed May 13 and he is at home all the time now--not exactly as I envisioned when I married a law student 36 years ago. I wanted to be the one sitting home at age 62.

Perhaps MLL will help me adjust.