Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Vision: a journey, not a destination

If my recent experience at the Drive Conference did one thing for me, it revealed for me the fact that we have not "arrived" at the "vision station." Vision development is a journey that we remain on, not a destination that we arrive at.

A few things are becoming glaringly clear to me recently:
  1. We have come a long way, baby! But, what we have done at CCF has been more "mission" establishment and clarification, than "vision" development. We have defined the game that every church should be playing. We HAD to to that first. If we do not know what game we are playing, we will never figure out how to win it!
  2. We have a long way to go, baby! Felt compelled to re-read "Vision Sticks" by Andy Stanley. It is a short read. Read it today. It reminded me of 3 key factors to vision:
  • You must clearly name a problem that needs to be solved (people will likely know about the problem)! Without a problem, nobody needs your solution (vision) and nobody needs you! Has CCF clearly and corporately identified the problem in Lanham/PG County/MD Suburbs that we exist to solve?
  • Then, you must must offer a clear and compelling solution. How as a church, are we positioned as a solution to that problem?
  • The third component to a convincing vision is the reason that something must be done now!! Plenty of people see problems and many have solutions. Few leaders and only excellent organizations decide that something must be done...NOW!! It's more than "why must we do this"? It's "why must we do this now?"
We know the game we are playing/the mission for which we exist. Jesus gave us that! How are WE going to win? What strategy will we be employing to cross home plate in the years to come at CCF?

Seeking the Lord on these things. Will you join me?

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