Monday, May 4, 2009

Hello from Atlanta

Just checking in. No deep thought today, just a little hello to my faithful blog friends. A few thoughts...
  • After we left church yesterday, we drove to "Drive". This week, 8 CCF leaders are attending the Drive Conference at North Point Community Church.
  • Myself, Pastor Nelson and Pastor Mike attended last year and when it was over I said..."I WILL be back next year with a group of people!" It was far and away the best church conference I had ever attended. We are here! God is good.
Attending the conference with me are:
  1. Caleb Kaye (Director of Worship)
  2. Pastor TC (Youth Pastor)
  3. Carrol Grizzle (Head Usher and Treasurer)
  4. Pam Kaye (Women's Ministry Leader and EntryPoint Coach)
  5. Selah Hunt (Head of Greeters and Worship Vocalist) flew down yesterday.
  6. Carol Roberts (Small Group Leader and Support Groups Leader)
  7. Jaye Lindo (Director of Operations)
  8. Me
Over Lunch today, we took some time to go around and state what 2 things that we were most looking to get out of this experience. Loved hearing the answers. My main one was this: Watching what God is about to do in the 7 leaders with me!!! I have been to these conferences. Most of our team has not and they are about to have a whole lot of lights turn on for them! I CANNOT WAIT to see this happen. I am telling you right now, these next few days are going to be an anointed time of growth in this group.

More later...

I will be tweeting throughout the conference and may blog some of it if I can.

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