Thursday, April 2, 2009

A thought about "Courage" that I got in the shower

If my memory serves me correctly (it's been a few years), John Maxwell suggests in his book "Developing the Leader Within You" that all of us have leadership ability that needs to be found and used. Maybe. Have not totally bought that, BUT....

I do think that most of us experience moments that God asks us to lead out in courage. For some, they may be rare. They may be isolated. For others, they may be more often Sigh.

Can I be honest? My life has been chock full of doing difficult things, saying difficult things and making hard decisions in leadership. I could just list them! Because they are hard to forget. To be honest, it is often one of my biggest frustrations with God! Lord, why do you keep electing me to be the person to do the hard thing or say that hard thing. Can you share the wealth with others, God? ;-)

Over and over again, I find myself in a place where I am faced with a decision or meeting or action that requires a lot of courage. In fact, I am facing one today! Let me tell you how I know that I am facing a big "Courage Move" in leadership:
  • I avoid it.
  • I delay it.
  • I try to talk myself into other approaches to take that are less scary (knowing full well that it aint right).
  • I make sure that this thing really shouldn't be done by someone else (so I don't have to).
  • I devise plans to "soften" what I know I need to say or "fluff up" what I need to do.
Then, it only gets harder! The anxiety raises. The fear of man increases. And I end up messing up or giving up. is my advice to you:
  1. If you have not done something in a while that requires some extra courage on your part, you are probably avoiding something that you should be doing. Check that!
  2. Pay attention to the cautions above and start doing the right thing when you know it is the right thing....not just when you feel like it. If you wait until you feel like it, you may never do it.
  3. God is going to get his thing done with or without you. Show him that he can count on you so he doesn't pass you up for the next assignment!
Move ahead, man or woman of courage!!


Anonymous said...

That is a really great encouragement, Noah. I've been having to say tough things and deal with things lately. It's been hard - but so worth it - because God can work thru conflict if the desire is peacemaking.

thanks again.


Noah said...

Yes, TJ, yes! So true. Glad for any impact made by sharing what has been real for me.

KevinS said...

Just think how boring life would be without that "courage" moments in it. God never promised that being in His will would be "safe", just that it would always be best.