Thursday, April 9, 2009

Not a Weak Holy Week

  • Last Sunday was Palm Sunday marking Jesus's triumphal entry.
  • Then, some traditions celebrate Holy Monday (Fig Monday), Holy Tuesday and Holy Wednesday (Spy Wednesday).
  • Today was Maundy Thursday (Holy Thursday) marking the last meal that Jesus shared with the Apostles and the institution of communion as we know it.
  • Tomorrow is Good Friday...the day that we recognize, mourn and experience the death of Jesus and it's meaning in our life and eternity.
  • This Sunday is Easter...the day that we celebrate a Risen Jesus and the power and plan of God that raised him from the dead!
Plenty of people you rub shoulders with this week will not give any of this much thought at all. This week means little to many. The fact that it is Spring Break week is the main thought of the week. Let me encourage you to:
  1. Stop...and reflect on what this week represents.
  2. Think...about how much God incorporated you into His master plan.
  3. Read...the events of this week in the gospels and ask the Lord to show you new things.
  4. what God wants to communicate to you this week. He is speaking.
Let's not make this a weak holy week.

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