Saturday, April 11, 2009


This is been burning in me since the Lord gave it to me yesterday in sermon prep. It is one of the points that I will make in my message in the morning, so here is a quick preview:

In sports, undefeated seasons are VERY RARE! We've got the 72 Dolphins and of course the UConn Women this year. But, in most sports it is not really even possible because the length of the season.

People go ballistic over undefeated teams or teams that have undefeated seasons! They get whack! They brag and carry on for years! They make history.

When Jesus was on the earth, he was undefeated..and he STILL IS!!!
  • Jesus was undefeated in the temple.
  • He was undefeated by his enemies.
  • He was undefeated by the cross (even though it seemed as though he was defeated).
  • Heck, he was even undefeated by the grave!! He rose! And tomorrow we celebrate that!
And guess what? He is STILL undefeated!
  • He has not lost a game yet!
  • There has never been a season for him that was not a perfect season.
  • He will not be defeated by your issues, challenges or circumstances.
  • You will not stump him.
  • He will outplay us on either side of the ball!
And beware...
  • If you think that he is losing, he is probably bluffing.
  • If you think that he is aloof or falling asleep, he is probably waiting on you to wake up and get in the game!
My Jesus is UNDEFEATED!!! I look forward to celebrating that tomorrow with all that I have and all that I am. I do not want to hold back! Will you join me?

--Pastor Noah

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