Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baltimore Murder Impacts CCF Partners

It is with great sadness that I share this news with you. About a half hour ago I received a call from Sadie Bianco (formerly Colletti), a partner at CCF. She informed me that the terrible alleged murder suicide of a family of four in a hotel room in Towson Monday was her husband Rich’s cousin and her family. The just found out through the news release of names yesterday. Rich has very little family remaining. This family of 4 was half of his living family. They were very, very close. To put it in perspective, they were on there was to visit Rich and Sadie yesterday and today! Since I married Rich and Sadie, I even remember meeting this dear family at their wedding in 2006. I can clearly remember their flower girl Catherine (9 at the time), who was one of the victims in this tragedy.

Rich and Sadie are totally devastated as we cannot begin to imagine. They are waiting on more info about the bodies. I am waiting on a call back about what we can DO (other than pray). But, here is what we know we can do. We can pray fervently and passionately for Sadie, Rich and this entire family and situation. The oldest daughter was a Loyola Student. That campus needs prayer for peace too. They all need the peace of God, because they obviously lack understanding. Who would understand this?

I read several of the news articles. Here are 2 that seem to give appropriate information:

Click here for one on MSNBC.

Click here for the one in the Baltimore Sun.

With a heavy heart for a couple I care a lot about,

Pastor Noah

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