Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Africans know how to name their kids!

Meant to post this after hanging out with the Ike and Uche and Family the other day.

One of the greatest joys of my service at CCF has been learning to know the strengths and gifts of the different cultures in our church. Here is one thing that I have learned: Typically, Africans know how to name their kids!!! The names have meaning! They connect to stories of life. They connect to faith. They proclaim the hand of God in a family. Sure, they are often hard to pronounce and promise to be misspelled, but they have intention and meaning.

Here are the names of Ike and Uche's 2 kids:

Chiemerie Somglie
Chiemerie- God has won the battle.
Somglie- Come and rejoice with us.

Dubem Zimchikachim
Dubem- Lead me, oh Lord.
Zimchikachim- Show me the God that is greater than my God! (Then, they said: “And we have been waiting....and are still waiting. No one has shown us yet!”)

Well John, Mary, Mike, Sue, Bill, and all of my other American you think this is as cool as I do?!?!


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