Monday, March 23, 2009

Trip Overview

This is the last full day that we are in Guyana. Let me give you a few brief comments about this trip:
  1. Overall, the weather has actually been unusually cool. Go God! He knew Mim and I were coming. Hal can handle the heat better than us.
  2. We had more down time than we anticipated. We used it wisely and feel zero guilt about it. Have stayed connected online (a totally unexpected treat) and have accomplished a tremendous amount of reading and writing.
  3. We met with the leaders of the churches that we have planted here in Guyana. Different from other trips, they came to us in the Capital city instead of us traveling in to them. This was intentional. We discerned it to be the more appropriate approach for this particular visit. Our discussions were successful...exceeded our expectations!!
  4. You may have been interpreting my silence and/or reading between some lines on some of what is going on here. As soon as we are home, Hal and I will be briefing the Executive Board and the International Team and then we will be sharing more detail with the congregation. Hang in there and we will get you up to speed real soon. There are reasons that we have not yet.
  5. Nikki Harrison (formerly Greaves) and I were kids in the youth group together. Now, she is living here in Georgetown, is married to John and has two beautiful boys, Jon-Jon and Judah. Judah is a massive 5.5 pounds!! We have spent time with them and truly enjoyed it. It has meant so much to them. They send greeting to the family back home. If I can get a short video clip of them later, I will post it.
  6. Trying to arrange a meeting with another Pastor here in Georgetown for today. We'll see.
  7. We will be traveling all day tomorrow. Leaving our hotel at 6am tomorrow...should be kissing my wife by 8pm!

Thoughts from "Guynana" (as Davis calls it),


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