Monday, March 23, 2009

Changes to my Blog

I am 2 chapters from being done reading a book called "The Blogging Church." I will share a review on it when I finish....maybe later today. Great tool. As I read it, it has made recommendations about the blog and encourages you to go implement it as you read it. I did.

Here are a few minor changes that I made that I wanted to tell you about:
  1. I introduce myself now. The book pointed out that many bloggers are missing the most important thing. Who are you? And how can I contact you? I have given that info on the left sidebar now.
  2. Made it easy to get to some of my favorite and your most popular posts. Some new readers want to see some of what this blog is overview...without searching for it themselves. If particular posts were frequently visited or linked by to by others, the book advised I sift them out for you and share them with you. I have done that. I hope it helps committed readers re-read some oldies but goodies and new readers get acquainted with the kind of stuff they will find here. They are now on the sidebar on the left as well.
  3. Changed "blogs I read" to "sites I visit" allowing me to share more than just good blogs, but good sites too!
  4. Adjusted the home page so that it only shows 1 week of posts at a time. I did this in hopes that the blog loads up faster for some of you on a slower connection.
More to come...These are just a few changes with the hope of improving your visits. Great to have you around.


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