Saturday, March 21, 2009

Money Matters in the Church

I brought 2 books with me on this trip. Big mistake. Should have brought 3 or 4. I am done 1 and halfway done the second. Bummer. Anyway, this morning I was up at 6am and had 3 hours alone with the Bible and a book. Such a treat! I read the book of Acts and finished another book called "Money Matters in the Church" by Aubrey Malphurs and Steve Stroope. Thoroughly insightful book. About half of it strums on CCF's guitar.

The book addressed:
  • A Biblical theology of stewardship (all the rest of the book is built on this)
  • Developing donors and maximizing contributions
  • Strategic Budget preparation and management
  • Protecting the church's financial integrity
  • Understanding your Giving Champions
  • Deciding who decides about what
  • Regularly, systematically and creatively teaching about giving through more than just sermons
  • Staff Compensation Ideas
  • Legal issues, debt management, church banking, capital campaigns, and more...

Great book. Great tool to be used. I look forward to handing this one off to our Finance Staff and Executive Board. We can really use this teaching to make our already accountable system even more airtight!

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