Friday, March 20, 2009

Blogging by the pool with a lovely warm breeze...

Yes, you read that title correctly. And yes, this is a missions trip or a trip with a mission.

I knew that I would not have cell service down here. Every time that I've come in the past, I have barely had Internet. I would have to find an Internet cafe, pay, and then hope that the Internet moved fast enough to send Tricia an email telling her hello. This trip, I decided to bring my MacBook so that I could at least do some typing and work on my next sermon.

Well, we ARE staying in a hotel and it does have a pool. But, you can erase what you are picturing. We are not living it up at the resort. Trust me. Well, today, I brought my computer outside to the table we were sitting at by the pool, clicked on the Internet and BAM!! Poolside, online, and high speed wireless...thanks to my MacDaddy! It won't work in my room, though. Just by the pool. Poor me. So, all that to say that I get to stay connected during this trip. I was kinda looking forward to the break, so I may not write as much. We'll see. You know me and my mad blogging tendencies.

A few thoughts/lessons from the day:
  • People in most (maybe every?) country and culture appreciate truth telling and honest integrity.
  • People in other countries (at least Guyana) think that people in the US have all the answers and all the money. Definitely a teachable opportunity in that. (I wish they could watch our news for 10 minutes to see how much money we DON'T have!)
  • Prawns are Shrimp. I hope. That is what I had for dinner.
  • Cricket is HUGE in Guyana. When we left the airport this morning, we sat in a cricket traffic jam for a big cricket event here today. Went 1 mile in 1 hour (after flying all night). That's always fun.
Holding off for bed so I can get back on schedule. We have meetings starting at 8:30am tomorrow.

Holla for Guyana!

--Pastor Noah

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