Thursday, March 19, 2009

Flying out, Signing off (probably)

Getting ready to leave for National Airport. Then, we puddle jump to JFK. After wasting 4 hours of our life at JFK, we take an overnight flight to Georgetown, Guyana. I wanted to throw up a post before leaving.

Hal and Mim Smith and I are the three going. Hal is the chair of our Executive Board and International Team. Mim is very close to some Guyanese friends connected to CCF that live in Georgetown (a few of you may know Nikki...Patrick and Pauline Greaves daughter).

We are heading down so Hal and I can meet with our leaders in the Guyanese churches that we have been supporting for many years. The conversations that we anticipate having may not be easy. We really feel that we need your prayer support over the next few days. We will be returning Tuesday. Pray for safety, wisdom and peace. Pray also for our leaders and churches there that God would be there strength and portion.

If I can get on Internet, and it moves fast enough (that is the issue), I will post from there.

Much love and peace!!! I will miss you Sunday.

Pastor Noah


Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip and I will be praying for you guys! I hope you have the chance to preach to some of the lost/broken Guyanese people.

Noah said...

Thanks, Tonya! Hello from a place you know a few things about...