Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Keep sending them, Lord

Had the chance to spend some time with a man today who has not yet made the leap into faith in Jesus. As I left him at the end of our Starbucks chat, I asked him again if he was ready. He said not yet. I give it a month at the most. He is so close!! He is so growing! This got me thinking today...

At CCF, we have recently seen an increase in lost/broken people coming. I love what I am seeing. It reminds me of this guy named Jesus. He seemed to attract similar folks. He is sending to us:
  • People in Brokenness.
  • Marriages in need of miracles.
  • People with addictions. Still trying to beat them.
  • Unsaved. Far from God.
  • The "never churched"
  • People in legal disasters
  • People in financial fiascoes
  • People who think that sexual promiscuity is a hobby
  • And alcohol is like a soft drink
  • And marijuana is no different than tobacco
  • People ready to give up...
Words do not express how humbled I feel that God is sending them to us, allowing us to help Him reach them and love them! This is a serious sign of the trust that the Lord has for CCF and it's leaders. It is a sign of the work of the spirit, of signs and wonders to come!

And from these people, we are seeing the Lord begin the work of his spirit and we are seeing...
  • People being put back together
  • Marriages on the verge of healing and love being reignited
  • Salvation
  • Rededications
  • People going from getting high daily and not caring, to people getting high weekly and feeling heavy conviction and calling to confess
  • People putting God first with their money that never have before
  • People holding on and pressing on and growing...
Friends, if I believe one thing about the transformation and growth of a follower of the Lord Jesus, it is this...

Discipleship and Spiritual renewal/growth is a PROCESS that takes TIME and ENERGY and EFFORT and the gradual renewing of the heart and mind that only the Spirit of the Lord can do! Rare are the miraculous and immediate turnarounds. Most take time and good old fashioned patience. That is discipleship!!

We are keeping at it. The Lord is so faithful and I am so glad to work with him...and that he is working in us.

Keep sending them, Lord!

Pastor Noah

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Tricia Kaye said...

Very powerful words Noah. I will keep praying along side of you.

Love you