Sunday, February 1, 2009

CCF Ushers...WOW!

I was soooooo proud of our Ushers today. They were impressive on many both appearance and performance. They wore matching black and white today for the first time. They served communion with great reverence, care and a personal touch (made possible by the fact that we all wear name tags on Communion Sundays). They were full of joy, meeting needs and making each of us feel well cared for. Thanks, Ushers for helping CCF have a positive worship gathering each week. Your ministry does not go unnoticed.

One more thing....don't they look lovely?!?! Here are a few of them posing for a quick snapshot that Pastor Noah could not resist. :-)


Anonymous said...

Hey PN,

You hit a home run yesterday for God. In the words of one of our good friends, "That was big girl / big boy stuff you dealt with yesterday!" Thank you for your obedience and follow through on what God gives you to speak about. It may be uncomfortable for some (and for you at times), but it was what we needed to hear and think about as followers of Christ.


Noah said...

Praise God! Cat, I am so thrilled with the focus on REAL growth and discipleship that is happening at CCF. May God make many oak trees among us.