Sunday, January 18, 2009

Why today was special!!

From the heart of a happy Pastor on a Sunday afternoon before football starts...

Today was special for a lot of reasons. Here are a few of those reasons:
  • Today was special, because after lots of hard work, dreaming and prayer, we launched EntryPoint, our new assimilation ministry.
  • It was great that there were 16 people present including the 3 coaches. That would mean 13 people ready and searching for deep connection to God and this ministry.
  • Today was special, because I got the joy of listening to all 13 of these people introduce themselves to the group. The range went from just saved 3 weeks ago to been saved 50 years. From been at CCF for 1 week to been at CCF 4 years. There were people there looking to become partners, others looking to find that small group that fits them and still others there today because they are ready to serve in ministry and want to find their fit. Too cool to know that we will meet for 5 more Sundays! Gonna be great!
  • Today was great because I got to hear Robert Taylor (EntryPoint coach and member of CCF since 1962!!!) discuss the 60s and 70s at Cottage City Mennonite Church (now CCF) and I got to hear Pam Kaye (EntryPoint Coach and my Mom) reflect about the Capitol College Days and Cydne Nash (EntryPoint Coach) talk about the new CCF as she just came a few years ago. Those 3 perspectives painted a beautiful picture of our history, while pointing boldly into our future!
  • Today was special because we worshiped God together out of glad and sincere hearts!
  • Today was special because Pastor Nelson helped us to weave GOD'S STORY into the story of Martin Luther King Day tomorrow and the Inauguration on Tuesday. After all, we are indeed God's creation and this is HIS story.
Today was special, because I was reminded again what an absolutely amazing blessing and honor it is to Pastor this community of faith! What an incredibly authentic congregation you are. I am a better man for knowing each of you.

Am I the only one that feels a rumble like God is about to do something Big? I don't know, but I think that something is coming down the tracks. Or as Caleb put it in hie Tweet this morning..."there is a spirit that something big is about to crash though these walls."

Our eyes and our attention is on you, our God! We love you! We are seeing you at work and trying to meet you there.


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