Saturday, January 3, 2009

These last 2 weeks

Does anyone else feel that these last 2 weeks have been exceptionally positioned to maximize the holiday break? Don't get me wrong, I probably worked 60-70 hours over the last 2 weeks...but much of it from my Pajamas and a lazy boy! Tricia has been off, we have chilled out big time, traveled and really enjoyed these last 2 weeks. She just told me this morning that this has been the best Christmas vacation she has had in 5 years of teaching. It has seemed never ending. We feel really well rested and connected.

Well, tomorrow it is church & football! Then, is off to the races. 3 new staff members join the team, we are all back in the office and I am REALLY looking forward to staring 2009!!

Here we go, baby!!!

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