Wednesday, January 7, 2009

List Person; A Sample Task List

Once you get me started, it flows. Lemme post this real fast and then I will stop. You would be shocked to find out how many people I have talked with that just do not know what kind of things are fair game for a task list. Everything is fair game! I do not and COULD not have multiple task lists. Everything is written in one list! One list including personal tasks, Daddy tasks, Hubby tasks, church tasks, ministry tasks, school tasks, etc. And all day, I glance at that list for my marching orders.

Here is a sample task list. It is (some of) my task list for TODAY, January 7, 2009 with some name changes where needed:
  • Complete Sunday Message prep
  • Email Capital Assignments
  • Schedule meeting with Bob and Sally
  • Sync my PDA
  • Rake the back yard
  • Blog about being a List Person :-)
  • Call Pastor Paul about blank
  • Update FT staff Job Descriptions for 2009
  • Change Sign out front
  • Stay on top of email inbox
  • Finalize annual staff contracts
  • Schedule a meeting with Entry Point Coaches
  • Get Corn Hole bags re-sowed
  • Listen to Connection Power trainings online
  • Finish "blank" document
  • Call Griffith's
  • Schedule doctor's appointment
  • Send a check to Bill
  • Finish my ordination paperwork
  • Work on 2009 Preaching Calendar
  • Finish development of Entry Point for Staff review
  • Plan 1/14 offsite staff meeting
  • Finish touch up painting at the house
  • Organize attic
  • Paint the porch roof
  • Schedule a corn hole tournament
  • Read for next Masters class
Note 1: This is just for today. I did not go into the things already on for tomorrow and the months ahead.

Note 2: I will NOT get all of this done today!

Note 3: Anything not done today gets changed to tomorrow's date.

Note 4: These tasks are done between meetings. Today, I have 5. Jesus is always one of them.

Note 5: In just one week from now, this list will be totally different as much will be done and many new items will be added.

Now that you know more about me than you ever wanted to know...



Ben Rainey said...

Can't wait to get the procrastination post. BTW, what class are you taking?

Ben Rainey said...

Also seems like we've seen how your task list informs your calendar. How does your calendar inform your task list?

Noah said...

Ah. Very Good. I will be posting on that soon.

Taking "Missional Ministry; Growing Healthy Churches in the 21st Century"-- Looks like a great one!