Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2 years ago tonight

Two years ago tonight, Tricia and I were sitting in a hospital room staring at the most beautiful creation we had yet seen in our lives. Our son, Davis Joseph. Nearly impossible to believe he was ours. Still hard to believe today. Formed in love, by the love of God for us to raise and nurture.

Two years ago tonight, Davis could pretty much breathe, suck and cry. Couldn't even poop yet, I don't think. TMI!

Well, tonight we went out to dinner, carried on semi-conversations, had ice cream, went bowling, read stories and prayed together. What a special day. I am not a big "birthday person"...unless it is my kid's birthday (so, I learned today)!

Here are just a few things that I have learned in the last 2 years:
  • I did not know I could love like this.
  • People were right. It only gets better and better. I did not believe them at first.
  • I will never get a "do-over" on a single day or memory! I vow not to blow them!
  • We are not sure who has learned more about life over the last 2 years. Him or us. He is learning so fast, but we are too! Learning about parenting, marriage while parenting, loving, serving, modeling, faith, selflessness, etc.
  • Holidays and traditions move to a "whole nutha level" with kids around.
  • And of course (brace yourself for the bragging that follows)...We feel like God has blessed us with an exceptionally great little boy. Awesome sleeper, warm and sweet personality, loving and affectionate, sensitive, and bright.
Tricia and my life was changed two years ago tonight! We want to say thank you to each one of you in our lives who has loved Davis and made his first 2 years of life so special!

Here are some pictures comparing tonight to the night he was born:

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