Thursday, January 29, 2009

Are finances stressing you out?

Are you stressed out over finances? With statistics where they are, it is obvious that there are people among our CCF family who are struggling financially. Maybe it’s pay cuts, lay offs, foreclosure, bankruptcy, fear, confusion, stress, etc. Whatever it is, the reality is that some of you are hurting. Some, we know about. Others, we do not. Maybe you are too afraid or embarrassed. We want to tell you not suffer in silence!! This is the body of Christ and there IS something that we can do!!

What CCF cannot do: we cannot pay your bills or bail you out financially. We just do not have it. We also cannot give you official legal advice as that is not our role.

What CCF can do: Pastors can meet with you confidentially and provide care, support and prayer. We can provide pastoral counseling and assist you in finding financial and legal counsel. Small Groups and Small Group Leaders can support you in community, prayer and relationship. We can direct you to resources that we are aware of that assist people in various ways and we can believe God with you, walk with you and pray fervently with you! You are not alone and you do not need to be embarrassed and suffer in silence. We are here!

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