Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Younger Leaders, Successful Ministries

Been hearing more and more about this young Pastor in Charlotte leading a rapidly growing congregation. His name is Steven Furtick. We are actually the same age. Seems like an interesting dude. He seems to have a lot of vision and leadership ability from what I have read and observed. Click here to read his blog. Click here to see the church. Kinda intrigues me to find other guys in the Pastor tribe who seem to be leading and doing more than they "should be" for their age. Says who, huh? God is the God who calls. I love learning from others. I may give this guy a ring.

Even as I write this, though, I think of other young leaders that inspire me just as much who are doing tasks that are just as difficult and terribly my friend Ben Rainey who is 2 years into planting Severn River Church in Anne Arundel County (that CCF has supported for 2 years). He also is a great visionary and a mature and gifted leader who is called and faithful and doing ministry that is just as beautiful as this booming church in Charlotte.

Look, I am not comparing Steven to Ben. Heck, neither know each other or even know I am posting this. It just gets me reflecting on how important it is to have the right perspective on these things. One church is 7,000 people in 3 years. The other is 50 in 2 years. Different than business, that does NOT mean that one is better than the other. Both are doing meaningful work in building the kingdom and ONE life matters! Sorry I got rambling, just doing some thinking and even applying some of this to my own journey.


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