Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Lot Next Door and a Divine Appointment

  • We own about 18 acres here at CCF (5.5 that our building is on and a 13 acre plot bordering us to the back of our lot).
  • The lot directly to the east of us has been for sale. (it is 210 feet of frontage, 1.4 acres and bordering us)
  • We tried to buy it last year. They aren't making new land, you know. After negotiating and discerning, we did not feel like the price or the time was right for us. We kind of hoped it would stay available, the price would drop and then we would buy it. We could REALLY use it for parking.
  • Found out 3 weeks ago that it was under contract to another church. Found out today that it settled.
  • Saw a church van parked in front of the lot on my way back from lunch today. On the side it said "Christ Dominion Church of God". I asked to be dropped off there.
  • I approached the van and introduced myself as the Lead Pastor of CCF. Turns out it was the Lead Pastor of Christ Dominion and he was meeting people there to pray.
  • The man's name is Pastor Mike. He is a Nigerian Brother. His smile was warm, his spirit was full and vibrant, his heart was blessed to meet me and he oozed the joy of the Lord. WHAT A NICE MAN!!!
  • I hopped in his van, we rode up to CCF and I gave him a tour of the property and building.
  • The entire time he kept graciously thanking me and the Lord for this divine appointment. He said that the Lord had laid us on their hearts and that somehow we needed to connect and that God was going to stir a meaningful relationship between us.
  • At the end of the visit he insisted that he lead us in a prayer of thanksgiving to the Lord for meeting today. He prayed the stinkin' house down! Period!
  • In his prayer he prayed that through our Churches, MILLIONS would be reached. He prayed that through our ministry we would reach Africa and Asia. Now, he is talking my language. Africa and Asia are the 2 continents that we have been feeling a draw to in missions.
  • Not sure where this relationship will lead. God is in control.
  • But, I know that something clicked in 2 Pastors today. Something started. My slight frustration that a church was building in our front yard turned to joy today.
  • Remember this day. God has a plan, we are on His journey and all things will happen in His time.


Anonymous said...

looks like we are going to have a new sister church.

Anonymous said...

Hope you mentioned you have a lot of Nigerians in your congregation. We love CCF so International!

Noah said...

Oh yes! I told him about the Nigerians in our church and our beautiful diversity! Great stuff.