Friday, December 5, 2008


OK, this was crazy but oh so fun!  Just spent better than 2 hours with our IT Director, Perry and our friend Steve (this is a snapshot of them on video with me tonight).  First of all, I never stay up this late.  But, while they were in laurel and I was in my recliner, we were getting me hooked up to the church server and shared drive.  So cool!

And...I joined Skype tonight.  So neat.  We were talking and I was showing them my Christmas decorations...from my laptop!!  Technology is amazing!  Sometimes it has us acting like geeks!  Now, if we could only figure out how to get these computers to upload to me some of the fudge they are eating (right in front on me).


BTW- this is my shot out to Perry for the IT ministry that he extends to CCF out of the goodness of his heart!  Go Perry!!  We appreciate you!

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Perry Lynch said...

And just think! There are people who do this all the time!