Monday, December 22, 2008

The Extraordinary Potential of the Ordinary

Here are a few of the main ideas from my Christmas message yesterday:
  • Do not let the cultural realities of Christmas hijack the spiritual realities! Remember the gifts that matter most!
  • I think that the economic temperature of our day is assisting many families in zeroing in on what Christmas is really about. They just cannot make it about the huge stack of gifts. They do not have the money to.
  • This birth in Bethlehem 2k years ago was the manifested initiation of God’s master plan for humanity. To Him be the credit and the glory and the praise for this event! This is God's story! He is the main event!
  • If you find yourself thinking that you are JUST YOU...normal, nothing special, usual, ordinary...Be very careful!
  • God is really into using these types people. He prefers to chose people based on their faith, not their fame. He uses fisherman and little bothers. The blind and the crippled. Shepherds and hotel employees. Carpenters and teenage girls.
God loves to use ordinary people to accomplish the extraordinary plans that He has. And basically, here is what he is looking for. Here are the qualifications for employment for God to use you. Must be willing to:
  1. Carry God's Story
  2. Communicate God's Love
  3. Channel God's Transformation
I think that God wants to use you to do those 3 things for your friends, family, colleagues and classmates! I will be praying that God sends you an angel to convince you that he really is inviting you to partner with Him!!

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