Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Don't let the excitement fade...Merry Christmas!

I told Tricia yesterday that I feel like with every passing Christmas, I experience less of that uncontainable excitement I felt as a Kid. I remember counting hours until Christmas morning would arrive. I remember not being able to fall sleep the night before and contemplating just staying up all night. I can recall waiting at the top of the stairs with my brother and sisters anticipating the green light from Santa and Mrs. Claus that we could "come on down." Man, even as I am writing this I feel that feeling again. Of course, Tricia was sad to hear that I am not excited for Christmas...which I quickly corrected and said "I am not AS excited as I get older."

Well, just a few moments ago in some alone time of prayer, I feel like the Lord renewed that excitement...but in a fresh way. I felt kind of overwhelmed. Crying a bit even as I write this. I realized that I have even MORE reasons to be excited now than I did when I was a kid. I am excited today because:
  • I am a Father and I will get to give my son things he will enjoy tomorrow.
  • I will get to see my child smile tomorrow.
  • I get to wake up tomorrow morning and say good morning to one of the greatest gifts that I have ever received outside of dear wife, Tricia.
  • I will wake up in the morning in a warm home way nicer and way bigger than I deserve.
  • Tomorrow, I get the joy of knowing that all of my siblings are spreading the love, traditions, and memories that we learned when we were young to their kids. What a multiplication of love that was invested in us as kids!
  • I get the privilege of spending Christmas with my parents tomorrow. I don't take that for granted. And now that I am a Dad, I can at least start to imagine the joy that they must find in seeing and enjoying their kids and their kid's kids.
  • But above all of that, I am most excited when I think of all that Jesus means to me today in comparison to when I was a little boy waiting at the top of the steps. I have loved Him longer. I have seen more of His faithfulness. I have heard His call. I have watched Him work in His church. I have known his provision. And tomorrow, I get to wake up and celebrate the birthday of Friend like I have never had or will never have!
Happy Birthday, Jesus! I love you! And I AM excited!

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Anonymous said...

So beautiful and a blessing to me. Time for you to turn some of these thoughts into a book. I love you!