Thursday, October 30, 2008

Team Preparing

I have heard of team teaching a sermon many times. In fact, we have done it here at CCF. I have rarely heard of team preparing, but it is cool!! I just had my first experience with it today. I have known what I need to preach on Sunday, November 9th for a few weeks now. It is the Sunday after a new President will be elected. I feel like a message of response is in order. A message of response for Disciples of to embrace our new President, how to support them, how to accept them...regardless of who is elected. My goal was to have the message totally prepared by Monday, November 3rd so that the selection does not influence my preparation.

Well, here is the cool part....I invited another local pastor/friend, Paul Mutchler to join me in the preparation. We are team preparing this message and then each of us are teaching it in our context. This afternoon we met and are half done! We will finish up this Monday morning. Very excited about what the scriptures have to say about how we treat our leadership. The Bible is exceptionally vocal about what our role is these days. Look forward to sharing more on Sunday, November 9th right here at CCF at 10:30am.


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