Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Insecurity Sucks

I don't use the word "suck" too often, and I write it even less, but I think it works here. I read a blog post today that I thought had some good observations about insecurity. Here are a few excerpts from what Anna Meadows wrote on Swerve:

Insecurity sucks. Plain and simple. It really sucks when it comes to insecurity in leadership. It is nearly impossible to be a successful leader if you’re insecure.

Here are a couple reasons why:

  • People don’t feel comfortable following an insecure leader.
  • Insecure leaders take everything personally.
  • Insecure leaders won’t take risks.
  • Insecure leaders spend too much time worrying what people think.
So what’s the answer? There are two, actually:
  • Remember what God’s Word says about you. If insecurity is the bondage that holds you back, God’s words are the truths that will set you free. Believe them!
  • People don’t think about you, the way you think they think about you. (read that again, slowly) It’s true... because they are too worried about what YOU think of THEM!

What insecurities are holding you back right now?

I think that everyone struggles with insecurity somewhere? Do you agree?

Does this apply to your closest relationships?

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