Tuesday, October 14, 2008


A person who has a defined realm of authority faces a situation which needs a decision and selects the decision making style…


Leaders defines for another:

  • Responsibility for a specific area during a specific time period
  • Accountability to report about how the assignment is progressing and/or was completed.
  • Time and way in which assignment is completed.

In addition...

  • Leader delegates authority and responsibility to (A), releasing (A) to act according to these various styles of decision making.
  • Leader receives reporting from (A); encourages and resources.
  • Delegated responsibility concludes as determined; final report given.

Reasons to use this style:

  • To train someone else to be skilled/responsible in a given area.
  • To release someone skilled to be responsible for a given area or task.
  • To free the time of the person delegating for other tasks
  • Person delegating is not able and/or willing to decide and/or carry out the associated tasks.

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