Friday, October 3, 2008

A great day off

Slept in, read, went out to breakfast and hung out with my brother (who is also a dear friend, by the way), painted, cleaned, worked in the yard and the garage....just in time to shower and welcome Tricia and Davis home from school. Now, that is what I consider a great day off!!! Oh, and the weather could not be more fabulous if it had to be!

Looking forward to chillin' out tonight and the "Plunge" conference gathering tomorrow at CCF.

One more thing...about message is going to step on all of our toes. No matter how hard I tried to make it sweet and friendly, Jesus did not provide me much help through scripture. You see, the message is about God's heart for the lost and his intolerance for complacency. From the lost coin, to the lost sheep, to the lost son, to the woman in adultery, to Zack (the wee little man), to the tax collectors and sinner and to the CROSS, Jesus had a passion for the lost that wouldn't quit. In addition, he had a very low tolerance for religious people playing games.

...I would recommend you where your steel toe boots on Sunday.


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