Sunday, August 24, 2008

What do Back to School Sunday & Laminin Have in Common?

Today was Back to School Sunday at CCF! We kept the kids in the service and preached a message using props (school supplies) that connected to the young and old alike. Here were my main points:
  • Eraser: God's eraser never wears out and does not leave marks! God want to offer you forgiveness and a clean slate for this coming school year!
  • Ruler: You do measure up and you can walk straight! God is crazy about you and does not endorse your inadequacies. He thinks that you are loaded with purpose and destiny and wants you to walk in that confidence this year!
  • Glue: Jesus is the glue that will hold this school year and your life together. Colossians 1:17 promises that " Him all things hold together!"
Our closing video was the one that I am posting here. It is pretty powerful...and I love Louie Giglio! This video is about Laminin. What's Laminin, huh? Just watch this and you shall see. It confirms the power of our God to hold all things together!


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