Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Making Connections

OK, let me try to make this crystal clear. ...Because new concepts can sometimes take a while to catch on.
  • Every Small Group at CCF will be doing the same thing and covering the same topic from September 7th until the end of 2008. The title is "Making Connections." The goal us to help people in our church community make stronger connections to God and each other. (You God, love people, live as disciples....sound familiar??)
  • Since many of our Small Groups are biweekly, every other Sunday the message will cover the next session of the "Making Connections" curriculum. This way, our Sunday messages and Small Groups remain connected!
  • Some of our Small Groups meet in the middle of the week in homes...they will keep doing so and begin "Making Connections" on 9/7.
  • Also, on September 7th, other new Small Groups will begin running on Sunday mornings from 9-10 at the church and will be doing "Making Connections."
  • Finally, there WILL BE SMALL GROUPS FOR KIDS AND YOUTH that will be offered at the same time as the adults (Sundays 9-10).
I hope that makes it clearer. I know that this has been confusing for some people....and that is not your fault! :-)

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