Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good for young men

Last week I was in a meeting with a brother in our congregation in his late twenties (like me). As we were talking about spiritual growth, he made this statement that lodged into my heart. He said that his mother always told him that the "Proverbs are good for young men."

I never quite heard it put that way, but I immediately thought....yeah, your mom is right...they are!

Since I thought about that statement numerous times, I took it as a word from the Lord for me too, and I decided that I would read through Proverbs 5 times in my devotions this month. What a book action packed with wisdom, good advice and warnings.

Here are a few things that I read this morning that spoke to me:

4:25- "Let your eyes look straight ahead; Set your gaze directly before you."
8:35- "For those who find me (wisdom) find life and receive favor from the Lord!!"

Walk in the wisdom today! Seek it! Look for it! Let your decisions today be bathed in it! As it says in 6:21...Bind it to your heart and wear it around your neck!

--Wisdom to YOU, today!


Perry Lynch said...

Some of us older men need them too! many of them are great reminders of what to do, what NOT to do, and so on.

And some of them are just plain entertaining!

Perry (where is that Men's Group at anyway?)

Noah said...

I hear that! Do I hear the heart of a Men's ministry leader coming through?? Is there a vision leaking?