Friday, March 30, 2012

Five Movement Killers

I dream about movements to Jesus.  I would give/am giving my life for them. I can't really define my dreams yet.  Well, I sort of can...but not here...not now....not yet. But this is a GREAT resource about church planting movements if you are interested: Click here.

Well, what we can be sure of is this...if there are things that feed and start movements, then there are also things that stop movements. I recently heard a speaker share 3 things that kill movements. I added two more. Here they are...

Five Movement Killers:

1. Big Budgets 
2. Big Programs 
3. Big Buildings 
4. Big Shots
5. Big Gatherings 


Jesus, help us to do all we can to point people to you and not do anything or be anything that would stop movements to you!

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