Friday, February 24, 2012

Discipled by a 4 year old?

Last night I had a meaningful moment with a man I have been disciping.  He is an African Brother who has spent quality time in our home. He said this:

I love your son, David (cannot seem to get that it is DAVIS). He has taught me a lot. There are several times that I have watched him tell you the truth about something naughty that he did even though he was afraid you might be mad. When I watched him do this, it really taught me that I need to stop lying and being so afraid of protecting myself. I must have the integrity he has to admit that I was wrong. I have also seen him at bedtime, and he is so commited to prayer.  He cannot go to bed without prayer time.  That also helped me see the importance of prayer in my life. He was only 4 years old when I saw these things, but he taught me a lot. I have never learned from a kid before.

Am I proud of my son? Yes! Am I bragging on him? Yes. But, I am not doing so to make Tricia and I look good, but to prove a few points:

  1. The young can disciple and impact the old
  2. People are always watching when you model integrity and commitment to Jesus
  3. 4 year old kids can make a difference
  4. We should train our kids in the way of the Lord as young as they can hear and obey

I encouraged Davis with this story this morning so that he knew his life was making a difference. That led us into an awesome talk about sin nature, so this afternoon we studied Genesis 3 together and saw that when people do wrong, they:

  1. Hide
  2. Lie
  3. Blame

Davis shared how he feels tempted to do that sometimes too and then ratted on a friend at school who lied to the teacher today to protect himself.


I am learning a LOT about discipleship in my relationship with my son.


Are you discipling your kids?  It is YOUR job, not the the job of their Sunday School teacher. 

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