Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Miracle of the Shoes

My Mom and Sister are here with us in South Africa now...and how thrilled we are!  Let me tell you a quick story.


As they prepared to come, they felt that the Lord wanted them to gather and bring shoes for the kids in Masiphumelele where we serve. Masi is a very poor community and many of the kids have either very worn shoes or no shoes at all. They asked on Facebook and ended up gathering and bringing 55 pair of sandles, shoes or flip flops. This morning we were discussing the best way to begin distributing them to the kids in Masi...


This evening while we were eating dinner, the doorbell rang. When I went to open the door there were 8 kids standing there.  They had walked to our home...from Masi, which is about a 45 minute walk...6 of the 8 were barefoot...the other two had shoes that were so badly worn, they would have been better off barefoot. 


Immediately we knew what this meant.  These were the first kids that God had prepared to recieve the shoes that Mom and Selah brought. And we did not even make it into them...they came to us!!


Here is the way felt from it all. These shoes were a prophetic sign.  I know, I know, they are shoes.  But before, you think I am cooky spiritual, listen: When God asks you to do sometning, do it!  Obey him. Then, he will acknowledge your obedience thank you for it and give you your next assignment, your next chance to show him you love him with your obedience. 


Today Mom won, Selah won, we won, the kids won and God won, because he gets all the glory. 

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