Saturday, December 31, 2011

20 Lessons from 2011

For the last few weeks I have been slowly tweeting the top 20 life lessons that 2011 taught me.  I must say that this year brought more change inside the depth of my heart than any single year of my life.  Here are the top 20 lessons I learned this year:

  1. Obey Jesus!! Wether he tells you to move to Africa or walk across the room.
  2. Talk less. It creates space for so many beautiful things!
  3. Listen to God. He is speaking. Try listening. Listen to the scripture. Listen to His other kids. Listen to His Spirit.
  4. Calm down. An anxious presence disrupts many possibilities.
  5. Worship honestly. Don't lie to God w/ your songs. Remember that worship God wants has more to do w/ actions than words!
  6. Love purely. This only happens when you truly love people wether you are with them or not...mistakes and all.
  7. Stop judging. It is not your job and it wrecks your relationships (plank alert). Love instead- way more fun!
  8. Please Jesus. Not people. People will ALWAYS dislike things about u. Quit living to please them & you might please God.
  9. Speak prophetically. Listen for God & speak what you're hearing him say. Sounds whack. Takes practice. Start trying.
  10. Release control. Relax. Stop over-planning & needing to know everything. U aren't in charge. (Thanks, Africa 4 this one.)
  11. Stop lying to you. If you've been lying to yourself about things and it hasn't taken you anywhere, try truth. Might help.
  12. Stop gossiping. Or half-gossiping. It will drastically increase your relational confidence & cleanliness. #cleareyes
  13. Disciple someone. Pick them, go to them, tell them they're worth it and go all out discipling them toward Jesus obedience.
  14. Be discipled. Pick someone you honor, go to them, tell them u r submitting to them to lead you toward Jesus obedience.
  15. Numbers distract. Count, but u can't control them, be low when they're low or take credit when they're high. #inchurch
  16. Elevate others. Used to think it was more exciting to be up top or out front. Not anymore. Now I long to empower others.
  17. Spend less, give more. (In 2011 Tricia & I made less than we've made in 10 years & gave more than we've given in 10 years!)
  18. Abide. Dwell in Jesus. Remain in Him. Live connected to Jesus! THIS is the key to all fruit-bearing! John 15
  19. Ask questions. Good, provocative, specific & open questions. (This link has some goodies:
  20. Rapidly obey the next thing you're reasonably sure Jesus wants you to do. Goal is obedient hearts, not perfect hearing!

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