Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Off to Ethiopia

Tomorrow morning, I fly to Ethiopia.  I will share what I can with you.  I'm thinking that the best way to expalin it here is in short phrases and adjectives, becuase the story is so neat that I would end up wirting too much when I really need to head to bed.


So, here goes.  


This trip is...

  • God-inspired
  • God-ordained
  • God-funded
  • Holy Spirit- confirmed 
  • All Nations supported
  • EMM supported
  • MKC hosted 
  • Exploratory - Spying the land
  • Kingdom Collaberative
  • Energy producing
  • Life giving
  • Loaded with possibilty
  • Last minute, yet somehow well planned
  • Extremely exciting 
  • Preparatory for something coming soon
  • Prophecy fulflling 
  • In perfect timing 
  • Symoblic 
  • And an answer to specific prayers


Main Purpose: So that people that do not yet know about Dad's love will experience him.


Would you back this in prayer? Although I am going alone, I am at peace and excited to connected with other followers there. 


(I will post more if and when I can.)

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