Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Getting Things Twisted

It seems that I can be so good at getting things twisted.  And I don't mean too.  I don't think it's on purpose.  But it happenes, nonetheless.  And then it gets revealed.  Like this morning.  I was listening to a friend at All Nations teach about the radical love that Jesus has for us as his "Bride".  As he was teaching, he said something like this:

If we would just find our identity and satisfaction in JESUS and what he has already done for us out of His love, we will not need to find our identity and satisfaction in the the big things that we do for Jesus. In this case, we will end up doing even bigger things for God than had we set out to do big things. 

Then I was reminded again of John 15 (posted about it here and here).  We must not focus on and put our trust in the branches, but rather we must place our hope for life in the vine.  Clearly, without the vine, the branch is dead.  Apart for Jesus, I can do nothing!  Seems clear to me.  Look, I know this stuff is easier said than done, but I thnk that it is all a part for the journey toward humilty.  The journey of getting ourselves out of the center (which I wrote about last week here)

May you find grace as you strive to get your eyes off yourself and onto Jesus, the true vine!

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