Monday, May 16, 2011

One Matters, Small Matters

I continue to believe that God's satisfaction barometer is way different than ours.


God sees the multitude in the few. And He sees the end in the beginning.


When God created man, he made one that he could love billions!


Think of Abraham...God promised that he would make him a great nation and then gave him one son and asked him to offer him as a sacrifice. In the few, God saw the many.


When Jesus came, he reached a few disciples, but envisioned the WORLD being discipled through them. And that excited him and satisfied him.


Not long ago, I spent a Sunday morning with ONE man who was surrendering to Jesus. In that moment, I thought of Sundays that I preached to 400+ people. Suddenly, a joy came over me that the Lord was just as pleased with me in loving one as preaching to hundreds.


Then, when the fire hit last week, the Lord gave me a vision for Masi and I think it could be for your town too:

  • It is estimated that there are hundreds of billions of galaxies.
  • Then, there is this one galaxy called the Milky Way Galaxy. It also has hundreds of billions of stars and planets.
  • Within this little galaxy is a little dot called Earth. To give you some idea, the sun is about 100 times the size of earth.
  • Of all the stars and planets God made, he only put life on one (that we know of)!
  • Then, on Earth, their are continents, countries, cities and villages.
  • Within each village/town are many people.
  • Then, there is one person.
  • God cares about that person so deeply that he would have knit them together in their Mom's womb and numbered the hairs on their head and send his only son to die for them.
  • God can do big. Obviously. But, small matters to God too. One matters!
  • PLEASE do not be discouraged in small things. God is very interested in them.


Is there ONE life you can impact for God?

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