Saturday, April 2, 2011

Reading through the Bible with Davis

Davis and I are reading through the Bible together. We are about halfway through the Old Testament.  He is only 4.  How are you doing that?  How are you keeping his attention, Noah? Glad you asked.


There is a REALLY awesome kid's Bible called the "The Jesus Storybook Bible" and I cannot recommend it enough!  It is brilliant.  It moves through the major stories of the Bible in the coolest way and short enough to keep the attention of a 4 year old all the way to the end of the story. The stories are accompanied by some neat drawings that Davis loves.  But the best part of all is the way that every story ends by pointing to Jesus.  


Here is an example...there is a chapter on the 10 commandments called "Ten Ways to be Perfect".  Here is how the chapter ends...


"...They couldn't do it. No matter how hard they tried, they could no keep all the rules all the time. God knew they couldn't and he wanted them to know it too. Only one person could keep all the rules. And many years later, God would send him- to stand in their place and be perfect for them. Because the rules couldn't save them.  Only God could save them."


If you have kids, get this Bible.  We are reading it on the iPad and love it.  But I am sure they sell it in paper form too.  

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