Sunday, March 20, 2011

Some Random Things

Finished "Love Wins" by Rob Bell and look forward to blogging my reflections when I have time.
Now reading "Surprised by Hope" by NT Wright-- a far more scholarly work on the same topic. Much harder read. More on this one later.
Got stood up in Masi this morning. Discouraging. Pressing on though. God had other appointments waiting and we kept heart.
I'm pretty sick today. Last night I came down with whatever flu Tricia had. She's so generous to have shared. Welcome your prayers. Feel like garbage. Fever is 102.
Laying here now watching a movie with my best buddy Davis. I love him so much. Not into the movie though.
If I'm better tomorrow, we plan to go to the Cape of Good Hope- a national park where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet. That'll be cool.
Then Tuesday we start our 7th week of CPx. We only have about 4 weeks until lecture phase ends and full time outreach begins.
One more thing- we love you!

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