Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Learning Xhosa

When we planned to move here to South Africa for missions, we did not really plan on learning a foreign language, because most people in SA speak English.  You can get by with it.  But, "getting by" is not what Tricia or I are looking for.  We want to connect with people's hearts and bring Jesus to them.  Greeting someone in THEIR heart language gets you a WAY different reaction than greeting them in YOUR heart language. And since it is "hearts" that we are after, we are working to learn a "heart language".  


Most of the people that live in the township we minister in speak Xhosa. Of the 11 national languages in South Africa, Xhosa is the second most prevalent.  The first is Zulu and I am told that if you know Xhosa, you can understand about 70% of Zulu. Xhosa is full of fun clicks and wild sounds.  


Well, last week we began a 6 week Xhosa class that could turn into a lot more. We will see.  All I know is that in one week, it has transformed the way that I can communicate with locals.  Heading out the door now for class number 2.  I love languages.  I love the nations! Here we are with our new All Nations friends at class:

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