Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Incarcerated Ibuprofen

We often run into some funny cultural stuff-- too many to share. But here's one I've gotta share.

I walked into the drug store to get Advil. They don't have it. They have something equivalent. Evidently. But it's behind the pharmacist counter in a section called "self-medication". However, you may not help yourself so I learned. The Pharmacist must give you your ibuprofen. But before giving it to you, he first must obey South African law by bagging it, tagging it, placing it in a carrying cage and zip tying the cage shut-- just in case you feel really tempted to open up your Ibuprofen and take a few on your way to the till (cash register).

I was worried you would think I made this up, so I took a picture.

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